Galtek has been producing copper alloys containing silver in different proportions for about 10 years. During this production pure copper (%99,99) and pure silver (99,99%) are used. After undergoing special processes these alloys are presented in 5 kg packages without air and light contact. These alloys have homogeneous chemical composition, their surfaces are oxide-free, the form is spherical and shiny and they have a diameter of approximately 3-5 mm


Silver dopped copper alloys produced by Galtek:

  • have strong infiltration rates,
  • have strong wetting character,
  • are produced of high purity raw materials,
  • have oxide-free, shiny surfaces,
  • have homogeneous chemical composition


These silver dopped copper alloys are used to bind metal powders -produced by powder metallurgy- such as Tungsten Carbide, to different reinforcements (eg synthetic diamond) with hard abrasive properties. Due to its superior properties, it acts as a binding soldering material used in all sectors where drilling and cutting operations are carried out for excample for the production of impregnated diamond drill / core bits, in the mining and drilling industry.

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Furthermore Galtek Kimya is a supplier of Iridium-containing copper alloys, providing high corrosion resistance, high hardness and durability to the materials they are used in. These alloys are of European origin with homogeneous composition of 99% Copper and 1% Iridium and are supplied with according Certificate of Analysis. They have shiny, oxide-free surfaces and are produced in rectangular shapes of approx 10 x 20 x 2.5 mm, packed in plastic containers without having light contact.

Copper-Iridium alloys are especially used in electronic, automotive and chemical industries. Electronic systems, electrical contacts, spark plugs, mobile communication systems, surgical instruments, measuring instruments, jewelry master alloys, ingot die alloys and high temperature crucibles are among the applications of iridium alloys.

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